Postmodernist Fiction

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Postmodernist Fiction

Like it or not, the term ‘postmodernism’ seems to have lodged itself in out critical and theoretical discourses. We have postmodern architecture, a postmodern dance, perhaps even a postmodern philosophy and a postmodern condition. But do we have a postmodernist fiction? In this trenchant and lively study Brian McHale undertakes to construct a version of postmodernist fiction which encompasses forms as wide-ranging as North American met fiction, Latin American magic realism, the French New Novel, concrete prose and science fiction. Considering a variety of theoretical approaches including those of in garden, Eco, Dolezel, Pavel, and Hrushovski, McHale shows that the common denominator is postmodernist fiction’s ability to thrust its own ontological status into the foreground and to raise questions about the world (or worlds) in which we live. far from being as

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