Re-examining Language Testing

نویسنده: Glenn Fulcher
ناشر: Routledge
تاریخ چاپ: 1395
شابک: 9781138774704
نوبت چاپ: اول
قطع کتاب: وزیری
تعداد صفحات: 252
زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
قیمت: 15000 تومان
جلد کتاب: شومیز


Re-examining Language Testing

Re-examining Language Testing explores ideas that form the foundations of language testing and assessment. The discussion is framed within the philosophical and social beliefs that have forged the practices endemic in language education and policy today. From historical and cultural perspectives, Glenn Fulcher considers the evolution of language assessment, and contrasting claims made about the nature of language and human communication, how we acquire knowledge of language abilities, and the ethics of test use. The book investigates why societies use tests, and the values that have driven changes in practice over time. The discussion is presented within an argument that an Enlightenment inspired view of human nature and advancement is most suited to a progressive, tolerant, and principled theory of language testing and validation. Covering key topics such as measurement, validity, accountability and values, Re-examining Language Testing provides a unique and innovative analysis of the ideas and social forces that shape the practice of language testing. It is an essential read for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of Applied Linguistics and Education. Professionals working in language testing and language teachers will also find this book invaluable

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